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Linguistically: wealth from wealth, wealth from wealth, wealth: it grew, people became wealthy: they increased, wealth became wealth, wealth increased, so he became wealthy, wealthy with such and such: his wealth increased, so he became wealthy among the people, wealth is the abundance of money, wealth means land.

Terminologically: Wealth is the basic things that contribute to well-being, and they are called economic goods. Wealth may refer to something that is valuable materially or morally. Wealth is considered one of the foundations of the establishment and supremacy of nations. The wealthy is the owner of wealth and the rich combines independence and wealth.

Many economists called for the economy to be linked to wealth, including the Scot Adam Smith in his book (The Wealth of Nations), who defined economics as the science of wealth, or the science that specializes in studying the means of enriching nations, with a particular focus on the material causes of well-being such as industrial or agricultural production. .etc

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