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God Almighty said ((And he had other resources1 ˹as well˺. So he boasted to a ˹poor˺ companion of his, while conversing with him, “I am greater than you in wealth and superior in manpower.” / 34 Al-Kahf))

Linguistically: From the word “mall,” and its origin is “money” that finances “mawala,” and “mawwal” means that most of his money is accumulated on wealth, and it is everything that a person actually acquires and possesses, whether it is an asset or a benefit such as gold, silver, plants, or the benefits of a thing such as riding, clothing, or residence. As for what a person does not possess, it is not called Money is like a bird in the air and a fish in the water.

Terminologically: money in terminology is close to it in language, and their expressions differed in defining it, but in their differences they converge in their meaning and do not diverge in their concept. Some of them defined it as: what one’s nature is inclined to and can be saved for times of need, and others defined it as what is used and prevented, and the most famous definition. : That money is a non-human name that was created for the interests of the human being and can be acquired and disposed of by choice.

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