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To whom we provide our services

Tharawat Consulting LLC is a local firm that focuses on providing comfort and reassurance to its clients, through a strict commitment to honesty, integrity and confidentiality.

We serve clients seeking to improve and develop their commercial and economic activities, by providing strategic guidance and advice to ensure their financial stability.

Despite the trust and confidence which clients place in their managers and partners, we consider that having an independent and specialized third party reviews and opinions enhances trust and guarantees success. We help clients ensure that their assets and investments are managed effectively and efficiently by providing oversight services to identify and prevent problems before they occur.

In addition, we assist owners who invest in the real estate sector to get clear and comprehensive answers to their questions and concerns. We provide detailed analytical reports which includes vacancy assessments, gap reports, and information on costs and revenues.

Based on our long years of experience, we provide strategic advice in achieving their Vision along with their medium to long term objectives.

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