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About Us

Trustees of your wealth

Tharawat Consultancy is a local company specialized in protecting families business/wealth by the establishment of controls to ensure their preservation, growth and resilience through adopting international risk management principles and aligning them with local culture, laws and regulations to meet owners’ current needs and future generations’ aspirations and interests in line with the National Interests of preserving the Wealth of UAE.

Tharawat studies the structure of the company/Individuals and its investments, analyzes potential risks from all legal, financial and economic aspects, propose solutions, identify performance indicators suitable for each activity in order to upgrade and develop it and to submit regular reports to owners to keep them updated to their business.

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الرؤية و الرسالة

Vision & Mission


  • Provide top-notch consultancy services to enhance wealth sustainability


  • To preserve and ensure effective wealth management including inheritance between generations of families whilst ensuring harmonious relationship


  • Increased mobilization for better follow-up and coverage of wealth

  • Deliver modern consultancies in accordance with optimal practices

  • Provide added value to customers and continuously develop personnel and work mechanisms

  • Attract highly-qualified personnel and qualify them to extend needed support

  • Promote consciousness, professional ethics and customer loyalty


  • Assist high net worth individuals (HNI) in optimizing their wealth utilizing simplified tools which requires minimum effort

  • Mitigate risks to family businesses by reducing non-productive activities

  • Prepare and preserve individuals and families to manage and preserve their wealth

  • To educate individuals and families through the provision of appropriate knowledge enabling them to make the right decisions


  • Integrity

  • Teamwork

  • Commitment and Loyalty to the Clients

  • Confidentiality

  • Protect national wealth

فريق العمل

Our Team

Tharawat has an effective and professional team in variety fields of business, includes a group of experts specialized in the world of business and finance, who hold high academic qualifications, professional certificates, and practical experience in planning, management, law, control, risk management, finance, auditing, and taxation. They have global investment expertise in multiple sectors such as real estate, stocks, factories, companies of all kinds, investment portfolios, farms, and livestock.



And academic certificates such as:

  • Management Ph.D

  • Accounting Ph.D

  • PhD in Islamic Economics

  • Master of Wealth Management

  • Master of Marketing

  • Master of Management

  • Master of Human Resources

  • Experiences are also exchanged with strategic partners locally and globally

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